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Feb 4, 2021

Michurinsky Oil Refinery Receives an Honorary Award.

    Vasily Kozupitsa, the mayor of Michurinsky district, handed in the certificate of awarding the title of an Honorary Member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation to Valery Kuznetsov, Director General of Michurinsky Oil Refinery.

    "As before, Michurinsky Oil Refinery remains the industrial center of the Eastern Tambov region," the mayor emphasized. "The city has 48 officially operating industrial enterprises, and the share of industrial production in the town's economic structure is 42%. Our task is to create the most comfortable conditions for the development of business within our duties, as working enterprises serve as a guarantor of social stability in the city.

    The plaque is given only to the best enterprises for their significant contribution to the development of the economy and entrepreneurship, as well as the achievement of high production and social indicators. The significance of the event is emphasized by the fact that Michurinsky Oil Refinery has become the first enterprise of the city to be presented with this award.

    The team deserves the most credit for such appreciation. The plant employs more than two thousand people dedicated to their work. Professionalism, resilience, and team spirit were especially prominent in 2020 under dire economic, sanitary, and epidemiological conditions. The team has coped well with the tasks set. The enterprise processed 4 million tons of oil, transferred over 8 billion rubles to the budgets of all levels, and fulfilled all social obligations to employees and stagers of the plant.

    A new stage of the large-scale modernization program has started. The enterprise will have to build a delayed coking complex including over 10 production facilities. Implementation of the project will allow the plant to stand next to the leading European production facilities.

    "Recognition of Michurinsky Refinery merits is a good stimulus for upcoming serious and priority work. I would like to express gratitude to Vasily Nikolaevich Kozupitsa, the mayor, for the full support of our endeavors. Of course, I'm grateful to all members of the Chamber of Commerce and Yuri Alekseevich Cherapkin, Director of the Michurinsky Department of the Union "Chamber of Commerce of the Tambov region" for high assessment of the enterprise work," noted Valery Kuznetsov, Director General of Michurinsky Oil Refinery.
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