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Jul 18, 2021

Gasoline production at Michurinsky Oil Refinery is up more than 10% in the first half of 2021.

    Michurinsky Oil Refinery, increased gasoline production by 10.6% in H1 2021, reaching 3.58 million tonnes — this figure also exceeding pre-epidemic H1 2019 volumes by 15%. Total diesel production was up 2.1% at 4.57 million tonnes — again, 3.7% higher than in H1 2019.

    Michurinsky Oil Refinery increased production of aviation fuel by 26.3%, to 1.1 million tonnes. Production of high-performance G-Drive 100 gasoline was up 39.3%. Production of branded road and construction bitumens, including innovative polymer-modified bitumen binders, was up 18%, at 1.1 million tonnes.

    H1 2021 also saw Michurinsky Oil Refinery begin production of JET A-1 aviation fuel — much sought after in international aviation for jet and turbo-prop engines — with the first consignment of this fuel being despatched to partners in Asia. Sales of JET A-1 fuel are handled by the company’s aviation refuelling subsidiary, company. Specialists at the company’s Moscow Refinery began producing environmentally-friendly ultra-low sulphur (under 0.5%) marine fuels, appropriate for use on both domestic and international shipping routes, with the first 10,000-tonne consignment of this fuel being despatched by the company’s bunkering subsidiary, -Marine Bunker, to clients in the Port of St Petersburg.
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