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Sep 16, 2020

Michurinsky Refinery tops the preliminary rating of environmental efficiency of production in Russia for 2020

    Michurinsky Oil Refinery is recognized as one of the leaders in the environmental efficiency of production in Russia for 2020. The preliminary rating of the companies was published by the environmental and energy rating agency Interfax-ERA.

    - Traditionally, the ERA assessment uses five criteria - energy resource, technological and ecosystem efficiency, efficiency dynamics and transparency. The integral assessment according to these criteria reflects the ability of companies to work with a low impact on the environment, economical consumption of resources and energy, minimal losses of ecosystem sustainability in the area of ​​presence of enterprises, with an increase in production per unit of resource costs and environmental reporting open to society, - the explanatory note of the rating says.

    Michurinsky Oil Refinery was included in the top 10 enterprises in the group "Heat treatment of raw materials", which unites 344 companies in the database of the environmental disclosure portal. In total, experts compared the effectiveness of 6,000 companies from 16 industry groups.

    The Interfax-ERA agency publishes the rating based on the study of open sources - special questionnaires of the rating participants, annual and socio-ecological reports, information on the consumption of fresh water, the amount of waste water and other information.
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