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Apr 16, 2021

Michurinsky Oil Refinery has increased AI-95 gasoline production by 277% and jet fuel production by 450% in March 2021.

    In March 2021 Michurinsky Refinery, a member of SAFMAR industrial and financial group) increased the production of several popular brands of oil products at once. The output of AI-95 gasoline increased by 277% (+6,05 thousand tons) and jet fuel by 449% (+42,4 thousand tons).

    The total volume of processed raw materials amounted to about 353 thousand tons; the volume of light oil products amounted to 265 thousand tons. More than 65,8 thousand tons of motor gasolines, about 135 thousand tons of gasoil, and 19 thousand tons of bitumen were produced. The refining depth during the accounting period amounted to 83,22% and the output of light oil products amounted to 75,08%.

    A significant increase in output of AI-95 motor gasoline and jet fuel in March 2021 as compared to the same period last year was due to redistribution within the product portfolio in favor of high-margin fuels. This is largely due to the recovery of demand for quality oil products after the removal of restrictions on relocation imposed last March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Michurinsky Oil Refinery has got an opportunity to produce products that meet modern environmental standards due to the implementation of a large-scale Program for reconstruction and modernization of the refinery facilities. At present the refinery is in an active stage of implementation of the "Delayed Coking Complex" project: a lot of work has been done on equipment contracting for the delayed coking and gasoil hydrotreatment units, construction and installation work has begun. Completion of this and other modernization projects will increase the competitiveness and profitability of the enterprise.
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