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Michurinsky Oil Refinery LLC is an industrial oil refinery connected to the main oil pipeline (with a capacity of 7.5 million tons per year) and an oil product pipeline (with a capacity of 2.3 million tons per year). The installed refining capacity is 7.5 million tons of oil per year, the quality of diesel fuel meets the Euro-5 standard, and the refining depth in 2016 reached 98%. In 2018, the production of Euro-5 gasoline was started.

Already today, Antipinsky Oil Refinery occupies a worthy place among the largest participants in the Russian oil refining industry, forming the market for the Ural and West Siberian oil refining, and is known far abroad.

Due to the fact that any construction of a refinery with the maximum possible oil processing depth producing the complete range of high-quality engine fuels and petrochemical products requires enormous capital investments, refineries are constructed in several workflow stages. Each workflow stage implies the organization of a complete production cycle and shipment of a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers. This is the development mode chosen by Michurinsky Oil Refinery .

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