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Michurinsky Oil Refinery

Due to the fact that any construction of a refinery with the maximum possible oil processing depth producing the complete range of high-quality engine fuels and petrochemical products requires enormous capital investments, refineries are constructed in several workflow stages.

Each workflow stage implies the organization of a complete production cycle and shipment of a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers. This is the development mode chosen by Michurinsky Oil Refinery .

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2nd Stage

II Workflow Stage (2012).

Units: Crude Unit - 2 with gasoline stabilizer.
Initial nameplate capacity: 2.5 MTPA.
After re-equipment in 2012 nameplate capacity amounted to 3.3 MTPA.
Total capacity of the refinery (Crude Unit - 1 + Crude Unit - 2) made up to 4.0 MTPA.
Processing depth: 52%.
Storage tanks for 120,000 cu.m (the total volume amounts to 172,000 cu.m).
Finished Products Sector with 2 either-direction railway tank filling racks for 71 rail tankers.
Capacity of crude oil transportation through oil trunk pipelines of Transneft JSC – 1.7 MTPA.
Connected to the Shaim – Tyumen oil trunk pipeline with the capacity of up to 1.7 MTPA and Ust-Baluk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetyevsk (UBKUA) with the capacity of up to 4.3 MTPA. Total capacity equals to 6.0 MTPA.
Simultaneously with construction and commissioning of the workflow stages LLC Michurinsky Oil Refinery acquired and repaired railway station Antipino, in the proximity of which the Finished Products Sector (FPS) was built. It is intended for unloading of light refined oil products (gasoline, diesel) by rail.

The FPS is a detached facility connected with the main area of the refinery by means of industrial pipelines with the total length of about 3,0 km located not far from Antipino station. The area of the site is 15 ha. There are two either-direction tank filling racks making it possible to load 71 rail tankers at a time with a relay tank terminal of 20,000 cu.m.

Start-Up Complex-  Photos of the six Workflow Stages

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