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Michurinsky Oil Refinery

Due to the fact that any construction of a refinery with the maximum possible oil processing depth producing the complete range of high-quality engine fuels and petrochemical products requires enormous capital investments, refineries are constructed in several workflow stages.

Each workflow stage implies the organization of a complete production cycle and shipment of a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers. This is the development mode chosen by Michurinsky Oil Refinery .

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5th Stage

3rd Start-Up Complex of the III Workflow Stage (2016).

The oil processing depth has reached 98% at the 3rd start-up complex of the III workflow stage due to the commissioning of the delayed coking unit with a fuel oil vacuum distillation module. As a result diesel yield is increasing up to 50% from the total refining output. The licensor and developer of the basic design is the American company, Foster Wheeler. The coke resulting from tar carbonization and constituting one of the end products is in great demand with iron and steel industry.

Fuel Oil Advanced Processing Unit consists of:

Delayed coking module (with the nameplate capacity of 1.3 MTPA; after revamp in 2016 the total capacity will exceed 1.7 MTPA).
Fuel oil vacuum distillation module (with the nameplate capacity of up to 3.6 MTPA).
Licensor and developer of the basic design is the American company, Foster Wheeler.
Processing depth: 98%.
Construction of a new automotive product-loading (auto-loading) facility at the Final Products Site and two 5,000 cu.m intermediate automobile gasoline tanks.

Start-Up Complex-  Photos of the six Workflow Stages

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