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Michurinsky Oil Refinery

Due to the fact that any construction of a refinery with the maximum possible oil processing depth producing the complete range of high-quality engine fuels and petrochemical products requires enormous capital investments, refineries are constructed in several workflow stages.

Each workflow stage implies the organization of a complete production cycle and shipment of a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers. This is the development mode chosen by Michurinsky Oil Refinery .

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6th Stage

4th Start-up Complex of the III Workflow Stage (2018).

At the 4th start-up complex started production of high octane Euro-5 gasoline with the octane number of 92, 95 points using a research method due to the commissioning of the gasoline catalytic reforming unit with a continuous catalyst recovery and the isomerization module of light naphtha fractions, which comes from the naphtha hydro treating module to these two units.

Combined high octane gasoline reforming unit consists of:
Gasoline fraction and coking naphtha hydro treating module «Unionfining» (with the nameplate capacity of 900 thousand TPA).
Catalytic reforming module with a continuous catalyst recovery (with the nameplate capacity of 300 thousand TPA).
Light gasoline fraction isomerization unit (with the nameplate capacity of 240 thousand TPA).
Licensor and developer of the basic design is UOP.
Currently, the foundation works and underground pipelines at the сombined high octane gasoline reforming unit have been completed; the metal structures have been manufactured, continuous catalyst regeneration, reactors and column facilities have been installed. The production and process facilities are being manufactured and are expected to be delivered to the Refinery in October. Сommissioning activity starts since 2Q 2018.

Start-Up Complex-  Photos of the six Workflow Stages

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